Dennis Anderson Photographer


Marin Magazine 

2012, June 

a Kitchen by Sandra Bird

San Francisco Chronicle 
Fine Homebuilding 

2010, July 24 

Experts illuminate the future of lighting
Low-Energy lighting, High-Energy design.

Art and Antiques 

Hotel Design

Luxury Homes/The Robb Report

2008, Dec. 

2008, Sept

2008, July

Light Fantastic, 10 pg spread art collectors new home
Interview, How to work with project photographers
Locksley Hall, Belvedere
Landscape and Lawncare  
contributing photographer
2007 published by John Deere
Fine Homebuilding 2007, Summer Exterior lighting 
Hospitality Design 2006, April Cover 
San Francisco St. Regis
Gentry 2006, April ASID Design Award
Image and Spirit 2006, February Tribal Art/ Gary Spratt
Outdoor Design & Living 
2006, Summer Whitehead/Hall
Marin Independent Journal 2006, May / 
2003, December
Master of Light, Hidden Treasures of SF Bay Book
Inspired House 2005, April Randall Whitehead
Inspired House 2005, April Tauntin
California Home & Design 2005, April Erickson/ Zebroski/ Whitehead
Hospitality Design 2005, Jan. /Feb. 10 Great Hospitality Photographers
Hotel and Restaurant Design 2005 Visual Reference Publications Inc/ 
Dougall Design Associates/ 
Page 89-96
Design For Living 2005, Fall Whitehead’s apt
Hospitality Design 2004, November Mandalay Bay 
The Hotel
Hidden Treasures of the  
San Francisco Bay 
all photography by Dennis Anderson
2004 text by Jerry George 
published by 
Heyday Books
Residential Lighting 2004 by Randall Whitehead 
published by John  
Wiley & Sons 
247 pages/HB
Bay Nature Magazine 2003, June Cover 
Underwater Treasures
San Francisco Chronicle 2003, April Bay Book

November 2003

Professional Lighting Design 2003, March Randall Whitehead
Resorts & Great Hotels 2003 Cover
The Best of Starwood 2003 Sheraton Rio
Resorts & Great Hotels 2003  
Reverie and Reality  
Fine Arts Museum of 
San Francisco 
photographed by Dennis Anderson
2003 The Ehrenfeld 
180 pages
Wooden Boat 2002, December Joyant
Nob Hill Gazette 2002, November Nan Rosenblatt
Landscape Architect 2002, April Randall Whitehead
Hospitality Design 2002, February Best Light
California Home & Design 2001, Sept Justine Ringlein
Décor and Style 2001, September Cover Buoymaster/Spitzer
Hospitality Design 2001, July Marriot   
Newport Coast
The Art of Outdoor Lighting  
major contributing photographer
2001 by Randall Whitehead 
Rockport publishers
Maritime Life & Traditions 2001, Fall Wooden Launches of  
Tiger Island, Argentina
Ruth Bloch Sculpture 2000, December Bronze and Slumped Glass
Hospitality Design 2000, Sept/Oct Cover of Latin American article
Design Times 2000, January Cayman & Cardello
Resorts & Great Hotels 2000 Cover of Palace Hotel in Beijing
Garrigues 2000 Bronzes
California Homes 2000, Spring Buoymaster
Country Inns 1999, Sept  
Designers Illustrated 1998, June Celebrating Water Howard
Designers Illustrated 1998, February Cover Randall Whitehead
Indian and Western Paintings 
Photographed by Dennis Anderson
1998 The Ehrenfeld 
378 pages/HB
The Art of Lighting  
major contributing photographer
1998 by Randall Whitehead 
Rockport publishers
Island Home 1996, April Buoymaster/Cayman
Interiors & Sources 1996, March Chimayo Grill
Interior Design 1996, February Eric Engstrom
Woven Stars 
photography by Dennis Anderson
1996 by Raymond 
Tribal Arts 1996, Spring  
Interiors & Sources 1995, October Hawaii Restaurants
Bay Food 1995, Aug Cover
Island Home 1995, August Buoymaster/Cayman
Interiors &Sources 1995, April Erin Frier
Plane and Pilot 1995, February  
Commercial Lighting  
contributing photographer
1995 by Randall Whitehead 
Rockport publishers
Bay Food 1994, Aug Cover
Architectural Digest 1993, October American Moderne Furniture
Northern California 1993, February Wonders of the Past
Residential Lighting  
contributing photographer
1993 by Randall Whitehead 
Rockport publishers
Designers West 1992, November Cantina
Interiors & Sources 1992, October Faz
Visavis 1992, April Harry Denton
In Marin 1992, March Ruth Livingston
Architectural Digest 1992, March Antiques: Herter Brothers
Interiors & sources 1992, January Cyprus Club
Northern California 
Home & Garden
1992 Ehrenfeld
Tribal Rugs 
Contributing photographer
1992 by James Opie 
Designers West 1991, October Kuleto
Designer’s World 1991, October Kuleto
Contract Design Magazine 1991, August Cover on Cyprus club
San Francisco Focus 1991, August Cyprus Club
Camera 1991, July Portfolio shots
In Marin 1991, June Justine Ringlein
Private Pilot 1991, February Article
Northern California 
Home & Garden
1991, January Fantasy Island
Architectural Lighting 1990, Feb Postrio’s
Northern California 
Home & Garden
1990, January Cover/ Bob Prittikin
Neo 1990 Kuleto
Oriental Rugs from Pacific Collections 
photographed and printed by 
Dennis Anderson in Korea
1990 244 pages
Design International 1989, November Kuleto/Postrio’s
Peninsula Magazine 1989, October Betherts
Australia’s Vogue Living 1988, June Anthony Hail
Fine Woodworking 1988, February Pope’s chair
Song and Yuan Porcelains From  
The Hall of The Twenty Rarities 
photographed and printed by Dennis Anderson
1988 by Joe Yuey 
198 pages/HB
Peninsula Magazine 1987, October Dragge
The American Organist 1987, August Cover shot
Photo District News 1987, May Portfolio shots
S.U.R.G.E. newsletter 1985, July Monthly 
Conservation column
Metamorphosis 1985, Summer The Islands that Time Almost Forgot
Metamorphosis 1984, Winter  
Oceans Magazine 1984 Conservation in Grand Cayman
The Guide to Purchasing an 
Oriental Rug 
photographed, designed, and printed  
in Japan by Dennis Anderson
1984 Jan David Winitz & 
Bremma Rug Study 
52 pages
Belouch Prayer Rugs,  
Adraskand, Inc. 
photographed and published by Dennis Anderson
1982, Summer 94 pages
Marin Cultural Center, Tribal Visions 
photographed by Dennis Anderson
1981 by Peter Saunders 
160 pages
Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia 
photographed by Dennis Anderson
1981 by James Opie 
100 plates / HB
The Caucus Traditions in Weaving 
primary photographer
1981 James D. Burns 
Architectural Digest 1981, May Full page ad for client
San Francisco Theatre Magazine 1977, Summer  
Camera 35 1976, June Story on CETA 
Grants photographing 
Zen of Running 
photographed by  
Dennis Anderson
1974 by Fred Rohe/ 
sold 60,000/ 
Crawdaddy Magazine 1974, December  
Women Sports 1974, October Portfolio shots
Modern Photography 1974, June  
Cream Magazine 1974, May Portfolio shots
Choppers Magazine 1974, March Cover shot
Cream Magazine 1974, February Motorcycle story
Lotus Collection 1973 Primary photographer
Choppers Magazine 1973, December Portfolio shots
Choppers Magazine 1973, September Portfolio shots
Choppers Magazine 1973, August Portfolio shots
Choppers Magazine 1973, May Cover shot
Choppers Magazine 1973, February Cover shot
Choppers Magazine 1973, January Cover shot
Choppers Magazine 1972, October Cover shot
Peterson’s Photographic 1972, July Article
Print Magazine 1970, August  
Rolling Stone 1970, February Art picture
(Art & Antiques editor John Erikson)    
Antique Asian Textiles   HB
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